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Foundations for Community Ministries

12 -14 April 2022

Purpose:  To equip those who who in a Community Ministries environment with foundation skills and best practice to provide the highest level of service.

Key Outcomes/Skills:

  •  CM values and aims identified
  •  Promotion of self and cultural awareness - knowing how one's own culture and background informs personal practice
  •  An understanding of strengths based best practice and personal role within the beliefs and mission The Salvation Army Mission
  •  Enhanced communication and listening skills
  •  A deeper understanding of safe practice including ethics, boundaries, effective supervision, and professional record keeping

We start the registration process for workshops 3 months ahead of the start date. Before you apply for the workshop we want to ensure you are well prepared, so please talk to your Corps Officer or Line Manager.

An invitation to register is sent via email to all employees, Corps, Centres and Nationally Managed Programmes. Please return your registration form to

Event details

Date(s): 12 -14 April 2022

Location: Centre for Leadership Development, BCM, Upper Hutt