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Leadership Hui

leadership hui

Purpose: To allow critical discussion and planning to take place and allow networking.

Key Outcomes/Skills:

  •  Consider paradigm shift of being missional
  •  Understand change creativity & innovation
  •  Explore emergent faith communities
  •  Reading the socio-cultural make up of their community including Te Ao Māori
  •  Facilitated networking & mission

We start the registration process for workshops 3 months ahead of the start date. Before you apply for the workshop we want to ensure you are well prepared, so please talk to your Corps Officer or Line Manager.

An invitation to register is sent via email to all employees, Corps, Centres and Nationally Managed Programmes. Please return your registration form to


Event details

Date(s): 30 July -1 August 2019

Location: Centre for Leadership Development, BCM, Upper Hutt

Leadership Hui

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Date: 15 Mar 2019

CLD Travel Policy 2019

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