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Emergency Services Workshop (TBC)

3 - 5 May 2022

Purpose: This course has been developed to ensure that we have suitably trained personnel to lead a Salvation Army response. Course content includes Introduction to Humanitarian Standards, Critical Incident Training, Safeguarding in an Emergency Environment and the NEMA Civil Defence and Emergency Management Plan.

Key Outcomes/Skills:

  •  Understand humanitarian principles and implementation of SPHERE into Emergency Service response
  • Apply international TSA Emergency Response response to needs
  • Implement safe team practices to ensure spiritual and emotional care and support
  • Identify signs and symptoms of critical stress within the Emergency Service response team
  • Understand and implement the NZFTS Territorial Emergency Service Strategy in response to a national emergency

We start the registration process for workshops 3 months ahead of the start date. Before you apply for the workshop we want to ensure you are well prepared, so please talk to your Corps Officer or Line Manager.

An invitation to register is sent via email to all employees, Corps, Centres and Nationally Managed Programmes. Please return your registration form to cld@salvationarmy.org.nz

Event details

Date(s): 3 - 5 May 2022

Location: Centre for Learning and Development, BCM, Upper Hutt