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550.515 Preaching for Mission and Ministry

Credits: 15

NQF Level: 5

Year: 2018

Delivery Mode

Upper Hutt Campus: School for Officer Training; School of Bible and Mission

Course Description

This course covers the challenges of Christian communication; the development of expository preaching; the journey from Biblical passage to sermon outline; introductions, illustrations and conclusions; sermon forms; sermon delivery; and planning a preaching programme. It also covers ethical and culturally acceptable practice in preaching and thinking about the context that a preacher is working in.

Indicative Content

  1. The importance and challenges of preaching.
  2. The case for Biblical exposition.
  3. The steps from passage to sermon.
  4. Application in sermons.
  5. Conclusions, introductions and illustrations.
  6. Sermon forms.
  7. Sermon delivery.
  8. The preacher’s context.
  9. Ethical and culturally acceptable practice in preaching.
  10. Planning a preaching programme.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate and apply possible preaching strategies and different sermon forms appropriate to Salvation Army congregations*, demonstrating the ability to make the journey from biblical text and or theological concept to the completed sermon.
  • Formulate and evaluate an appropriate one year preaching plan for the student’s home corps placement that meets the spiritual, social, and cultural needs of defined groups of people associated with the corps, the yearly rhythms of the corps’ faith journey and the missional imperatives of the corps*.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate Salvationist theology, key biblical texts and an understanding of the Salvation Army’s core mission to prepare and deliver a preaching series that provides leadership and direction for culturally and ethically appropriate outreach into a Salvation Army Corp’s community.*

Please note: *For Non-Salvation Army Students the learning outcomes apply to their own denominational faith communities